Undertale: A Modern Classic

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I first heard about Undertale at the independent game developer’s choice awards at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Fransisco. Undertale was nominated for pretty much every category they had available. I was completely unaware of the game before then, but the love people had for this game was palpable. I put this game on a long list of ones that I needed to give a try. From the moment I played Undertale I knew that it was an instant classic.



Undertale is an RPG game only available on steam, and released in 2015 by indie developer Tobyfox. It first started as a kickstarter campaign that asked for a pretty humble amount of money for a game. It made several times the asking amount for it’s kickstarter page. The game had not even released yet and people were already in love. In Undertale you play as a gender neutral human who explores an underground world where you meet a motley crew of several ┬ávery strange characters, like Sans the wise-cracking skeleton, his brother Papyrus, and Flowey. This game allows the player to make the choice of fighting each enemy to collect EXP and LOVE. But you can also choose not to fight and find more tactful ways of getting out of the fight, like flirting, talking, or giving mercy to the enemy to avoid a fight.


There are countless things that make Undertale a memorable experience, and a game to shout about from the rooftops. I love that it is such an intimate game. So many films and games in today’s world try to make such high stakes epic adventures, with characters that are larger than life. This it eventually gets boring to see the world is at stake in every single piece of media today, this is all at the expense of characters that you feel close to.


Undertale is a very intimate tale with characters that have so much personality. The game is only 6 or so hours long but it feels like it really takes you somewhere in that short amount of time. As opposed to most games that are 10 times the length of Undertale. After I played Undertale I felt like I wanted to play again, like so many other people do. There is so much charm in that game that calls you back to it. The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. Especially considering it was writing by Toby Fox who also developed the game. My favorite tracks are all of the boss tracks, “Ruins, “Waterfall”, and “Core.” I usually don’t play games over again, but this is one I would definitely make an exception for. One phrase that kept ocurring to me is that┬áthis game feels like “home.” There is something so quant, charming, and inviting about it. An instant classic.

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