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Resident Evil 4 is among the most highly regarded installments in the Resident Evil franchise, and is a personal favorite of mine. Although I think Resident Evil relies a bit too heavily on the FPS aspects of gaming as opposed to puzzle solving, it is still a game as memorable as the first Resident Evil. My favorite installment so far is and will always be the first RE game. The puzzles and general terror of playing that game (RE 1) create a memorable experience that left me dazed and amazed when I was just twelve years old. Set in what seemed like a rural village in south america, Resident Evil 4 is a pretty big departure from the first game seeing that RE1 takes place in one location in a mansion and RE4 moves from a wooded area in the beginning. The main character, Leon Kennedy, is sent in to rescue the U.S president’s daughter Ashley Graham who is kidnapped by a cult. As Leon tries to rescue her he has to fight his way through an onslaught of zombies who infect him with a virus that will put him under their influence and control. The first quarter was not as interesting for me as the middle or ending of the game. The first quarter of the game felt like a shoot-em-up arcade game where they have a fake gun attached to the arcade machine, in that it just felt like there was no real “survival horror” aspect to it that made it truly scary, or puzzles, and you’re just shooting at zombies in a locale that is a little stagnant. Especially when you have ammo and guns to shoot down enemies but rarely have to think as much about conservation or strategy.


As the game progresses it starts to get much more interesting. My favorite part by far was actually playing as Ashley. In that part it felt like a little closer to what makes survival horror games exciting, that you are somewhat helpless, and just armed with a flashlight, Ashley has to solve puzzles and dodge attacks from armored knights.

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The maps and destination location help Resident Evil 4 move along much more quickly than the previous games. As always in games that feature a merchant there are memorable short lines of dialogue the merchant says that I couldn’t stop mimicking, every time you buy something “Whatcya buyin’?” “Whatchya sellin’?” Those lines were so repetitive, but in no way annoying, it actually made the character a bit creepily funny and I enjoyed it.


I enjoyed the castle portion of the game mostly and the scarier parts including being chased by regenerators (those things are terrifying.) Overall Resident Evil 4 is a fantastic game and deserves the hype it is given. I don’t know if I would find myself playing it again as often as I’d want to revisit RE1, but it is still a great game to me.

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