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The developer Harebrained Schemes is soon to release Necropolis, a third-person dungeon crawler that has some innovative twists added to it. Necropolis is another addition to the Rogue-lite genre, and when you look at the game, you can’t help but think of the games Spiral Knights and Dark Souls. This game looks like a perfect blend between the two: it has the visual aesthetic of Spiral Knights, but the gameplay and atmosphere of Dark Souls.

In Necropolis, you play as an enigmatic caped warrior who wields weapons like spears, swords, and shields to protect yourself while you explore deep dark dungeons filled with creatures that are ready to attack you. The design for this game is striking because it is dark but, it does not cross the border into genuinely scary. Some of the creatures you will face are: bioluminescent spiders, goblins, shielded knights, and robotic brute warriors are playfully eerie.

While there are some similarities to Dark Souls: such as the targeting system and the real-time battle, as well as the overall atmosphere of the game. Necropolis maintains it’s own identity by adding a dungeon that changes every time you play, as well as every time you die. You can also summon (up to) 3 friends to co-op the dungeon with you, who can drop in-and-out as you please.

The art in this game is really striking and unique. It has a slightly cartoonish appearance that is juxtaposed over its dark quality. There are a lot of dark background colors, but this is contrasted by the slightly brighter colors of your character and the enemies you face.

The music in this game is subdued and not really in your face. It is the perfect dungeon music since it stimulates exploration but, without getting boring, or taking too much attention in the foreground.

Overall, Necropolis looks like a very exciting new game and just another example that there is no lack of interesting, and innovative new games that can be influenced by it’s predecessors without becoming a homogeneous carbon copy of them.

Necropolis is set to release in summer of 2016 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

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