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My first impression of Bloodborne upon seeing it was that it reminded me of a game released in the 90’s called Nightmare Creatures. Just like Nightmare Creatures, Bloodborne is a gothic survival horror game with a setting influenced by 19th century Victorian era. It is a familiar and charming style that creates an atmosphere that is easy to settle into.


This game is developed by From Software, and Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki (creator of the Souls franchise.) The music was composed by a handful of musicians; Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Michael Wandmacher (twisted metal), Yuka Kitamura, Cris, Velasco, and Nobuyoshi Suzuki.

The music in Bloodborne is one of the best dimensions of the game. During the exploring aspects of the game, it is left up entirely to the sound design to set the atmosphere. The music is almost entirely saved for boss battles, (which there are many) and cutscenes. During which a somewhat atypical approach is taken. It does incorporate some big, and strongly driven melodies, but it also carries an ethereal quality with a haunting type of beauty. The act of saving the score in Bloodborne for boss battles only serves to further add another dimension of tension to each fight. My favorite cues being Father Gascione, and The Witch Of Hemwick.


Right from the beginning the player is thrust into the third person action rpg style gameplay with minimal to no assistance or tutorial. The first hour of gameplay is challenging for a player with no prior experience to the souls franchise.


Once a rhythm and understanding is developed of the game, it is very rewarding, but still challenging. The battle system is engaging and requires the player to develop a formidable amount of skill to survive in the game. There is a lot of parrying, riposting, dodging, and blood vial healing. Expect to die, a lot.

Bloodborne in no way holds the players hand, there are times where you hit a point where you aren’t sure how to progress, and I love Bloodborne for that. Oftentimes, game developers shy away from giving the player a real challenge of patience and wit to figure out how to progress.

The story in Bloodborne is often in the background and unclear to the player, this is completely remedied by astounding gameplay and battle style. Oftentimes I found myself asking and being asked, “what exactly is the story here?”

The player is equipped with items called trick weapons used to fight enemies along with their trusty pistol. Along the way the player will interact with NPCs, and combat a set of enemies particular to that particular map, with optional and required bosses.



Part of the excitement in Bloodborne is opening the doors in a new area wondering what nightmarish enemies you are going to encounter. The bosses are the most incredible, and disturbing creatures one could face. As a player I was more exhilarated by facing a new giant beast than intimidated. Some of the bosses are giant hulking monsters, adding to the exhilaration after taking down such a large foe.



Midway through Bloodborne I was only half aware of the exciting features this game had to offer. After joining forums for Bloodborne players I was immediately shown how I was only getting half of the experience from playing. I was quickly convinced to join groups online by using the beckoning and small resonant bell to join up with others. This widely changed the experience for me, adding another hugely valuable dimension to the game.

After playing Bloodborne I am excited for the world of contemporary console gaming, and how expansive and immersive games can be. Being so used to games with a somewhat smaller scope, I was completely blown back by Bloodborne.


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