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Falling_Desktop_1280x1024Bioshock Infinite is the third installment in the Bioshock franchise. Being the successful follow up to the poorly received Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite completely shattered my brain by the end of it (in a great way). The ending of Bioshock was one of the most shocking and thought provoking ending to a game that I have ever experienced. Dealing with interdimensional travel, time travel, and paradoxes, this game’s story leaves a lot of room for picking it apart. The story itself is the most interesting aspect of the game for me. The gameplay is fun, smooth, and it makes for a really fun FPS game. The return of special powers, this time called “salts” that allow the use of “vigors” in the game makes for an added dimension to the FPS aspect of the game that make it more interesting than just your run of the mill FPS.


The premise of the game is you are the character Booker Dewitt who is sent to an unfamiliar city by people you are indebted to, to search for a girl named Elizabeth and retrieve to fill your debt.


As time goes on you find out Elizabeth has the power to visit any other dimension she wishes, as well as bringing in items from another dimension into yours. Elizabeth is held in a tower by a character named Zachary Comstock, who is basically a religious zealot dictator who runs a city which resides in the sky. As time progresses in the game you find yourself wanting to know more about how the inter dimensional travel works in the game, how the character that you are trying to protect (Elizabeth) came to acquire these powers, and who exactly Zachary Comstock is. This game has elements you never see in the FPS genre, and this adds a dimension (pun intended) that transcends the genre, and makes it something completely different, in a league of its own. It also includes some interesting characters like the Lutece twins, who make frequent appearances in the game (probably my favorite characters)


The stories in bioshock 1, and infinite are endlessly juicy, and leaves the player wanting to know and learn more about this wonderfully complex world the developers at 2K games have created.

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