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I first stumbled upon Amy Cuddy by watching her Ted Talk on body language and how it affects how we perceive ourselves, how we act and think as well. I thought her speech was captivating. She went into how sitting and standing in certain ways affect how we come off to others, and how by changing these things, you can make yourself feel more powerful. After seeing that speech I had Amy Cuddy on my radar as an extraordinary speaker, with a positive message that everyone could enjoy benefits from.


Eventually I came across her book presence, and I definitely have to say that this is one of the most useful books I have read so far this year. Amy Cuddy goes into very great detail about certain techniques that you can use to change your body language to change your body chemistry and your self image. By spreading your legs out in bed in the morning and not sleeping in the fetal position or curled up, you can tell your body “I deserve to take up this space, and I am powerful.” People have very little idea about how their body language can affect their life. By doing simple and short exercises every day, you can make yourself feel more confident, and less afraid of stressful situations. To have power and control over yourself can help you “put your best foot forward” and work more effectively at working to make a life that you want. The techniques that Amy Cuddy teaches in Presence help you feel more confident in job interviews, during public speeches, before a sports match (if you’re an athlete) and any other situation that may make you feel like you could buckle under pressure.


In the beginning of the book, Amy Cuddy tries to come up with a solid definition of what “presence” is and what it feels like. We all know the feeling, you feel so engaged with the moment, and you feel like you have blinders on to other things going on around you, while feeling great focus in the present moment. After trying the techniques in Amy Cuddy’s book, I definitely noticed some differences in my feeling and how present I felt. I felt like in many situations, especially high pressure ones, I had much more presence in thought and it felt like I could handle any curve ball that was thrown at me. No matter what, having presence in your life can truly upgrade your quality of living, and help you take control of your life in powerful ways, that can help you present your best self to the world.


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