Metal Gear has been a series that has been around for a long time. It first started in the NES in 1987, and continued until today with several releases. This is a series that has influenced many people in how they perceive and make games. Two of those people are Ashly and Anthony Burch, most well known from the youtube comedy hit “Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?” The Burch’s book on Metal Gear Solid is a hilarious recant of their experiences playing Metal Gear Solid in the 90’s. They break down the game and spent about half of the book deconstructing its characters, their motivations, and where Kojima and his team succeeded and failed in making quality characters and games.



For myself, it has been a long time since I’ve played Metal Gear Solid. I remember many of the parts they bring up in the book, so it was a lot of fun to hear their take on certain memorable┬áscenes from this game. Like to fight with Ocelot where you have to run around a man riddled with wired explosives. Or the scene when Sniper Wolf shoots Meryl, or, of course the battle with Psychomantis. All of this was a lot of fun to hear their take on where they thought the game and character development succeeded and failed.


Anthony Burch being someone that has worked in the game industry as the writer on Borderlands 2, has some great insight into how the characters and plot of Metal Gear Solid affected his own writing in his work. The book also delves into some of the lackadaisical way Kojima and his team created and portrayed their female characters. Most notably the character Quiet in Phantom Pain, who basically looks like she was created and drawn by a horny teenager.


The book Metal Gear Solid is just more evidence that this brother sister duo can still manage to be funny in a cold medium like print. They inject jokes into each other’s chapters, and have hilarious takes on scenes that we all remember from a game that deserves a lot of recognition, but also scrutiny.

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