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The first time I saw a video from Gary Vaynerchuck he was giving a speech on business and entrepreneurial techniques in Texas, and an audience member had asked him during the Q&A about how to expand his medical marijuana business. The audience member went on to complain about how Texas state laws didn’t allow him to sell medical marijuana there, and that others may have an advantage over him. Gary responded by giving a pretty aggressively, and seemingly rude answer. He did give practical advice to the audience member, but it was delivered in such a way that seems like Gary takes some pleasure in embarrassing people and “putting them in their place.” So from this moment my opinion about Gary was a bit negative, he seemed egotistical and self centered, and while his advice was helpful, it was delivered in such a way that might distract from his message.

I was still intrigued by Gary Vaynerchuck, since he did seem like he knew what he was talking about. The whole idea of being an entrepreneur is much “cooler” today than it ever was. You see many of these entrepreneur personalities pop up claiming that they can give you the keys to success. Over time, after reading Gary Vaynerchuck’s book #AskGaryVee, I think Gary sets himself apart from other entrepreneur personalities by being the real deal. His work history as a multi million dollar earning wine business owner, and investor makes him super qualified on the subject of success, and hard work. With other entrepreneur personalities, they seem to have some sort of scam behind them, and they aren’t very transparent about their work history, but they still claim to be qualified to take your money so they can tell you how to make more and promise success and even promise that you will learn to make millions.

#AskGaryVee is set up in a Q&A format, and it gives his fans an incredibly personal response to their problems and hindrances as businesspeople. Gary opens each chapter with some insight on different subjects around business like, marketing, balancing work and family life, social media, and most importantly, self knowledge. Gary’s responses can be a bit “in your face,” and “edgy,” and I think this is part of his appeal to most people. He curses regularly, which is a major part of his style. For someone like myself, it can be a difficult style of delivery for me to get along with. I think there’s more gentle and communication effective ways to help people. Sometimes by being in their face, it may take attention away from the message and more on his attitude.


Overall I think Gary Vaynerchuck’s book is well written, and helpful. As an entrepreneur it is a very specific and helpful general guide on how to navigate your way in the business world. For anyone who is either looking for inspiring words on business, or general life advice, I definitely recommend Gary Vaynerchuck’s book #AskGaryVee, and I will definitely be reading his other books very soon as well.

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