About the RoboDude Reviewer

Composer, Radio Personality, and Blogger. I am a gaming, film, and television enthusiast. Hailing from Virginia beach, VA, I am an alumni of Berklee College Of Music, where I spent my time in college honing my skills as a vibraphonist, composer, and radio DJ at the Berklee Internet Radio Station.

As a lover of visual media, I spent my time as a kid absorbing game and geek culture. Now I write, and read about, as well as work and compose for the world of entertainment. My passion is to share my love of visual media with the world.

Films: Beetlejuice, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Akira, Alien

Composers: James Horner, Bernard Herrmann, Impressionist composers, Alexandre Desplat

Video Games: Final Fantasy, Resident Evil 1 & 4, Kingdom Hearts, pretty much any jrpg. Television: X-files, Game Of Thrones

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